Danielle's Story

I'm Danielle Robinson. I'm a 26-year-old multi-faceted Southern Girl from Thomasville, GA! God has blessed me to have so many different experiences in my life that have shaped the Christian, woman, mother, and friend I have become. I've seen the "traditional" blogger biography...but since I am by no means traditional, this is ME

Danielle the Woman

The past year of my life has been a RoLlErCoAsTeR of laughter, crying, smiles, tears, and late girl nights with a tub of Ben & Jerry's!  As I look back on it, I wouldn't change a thing about it... God has used every good, bad, and ugly moment to pour into my life and draw me closer to Him.  The best lesson I have learned is to trust in Him and His Word.  I definitely know now that His Thoughts are higher than my thoughts, and His Ways are higher than my ways.  Even as I look back to last April when I began "i am more than" I clearly see that the great future I saw for my life and the amazing blessings that God actually had in store were on two totally opposite ends of the spectrum.  God has clearly shown me His calling for my life and His plan to use my trials and successes to encourage, uplift, and draw others to His Kingdom.  I'm an open book now, honest & transparent.  My divorce was finalized on January 14, 2013, so I'm adapting to a completely new way of life and parenthood. "i am more than" was the beginning of a healing process I never knew I would need, but I'm so grateful God put it in my heart. 

Danielle the Mother

I have three absolutely wonderful kids, Amaya Railey, Isaiah, and Carter Mackenzie. My girls are my Christmas presents, and my son is my summer joy! Amaya was born when I was 17.  I am often the youngest parent at class meetings, and definitely had to grow up fast, but she has been such a blessing to my life in more ways than I could explain. Motherhood is better than anything I could have ever imagined. Each of them has a very different and very strong personality (they get it honestly J).  Being a mommy has given me a bigger purpose and has made me much more committed to strengthening my walk with God.  Knowing that God has given me the task of raising my children to live according to His Word is a bit intimidating…no pressure lol J.  But, I am trying to show them what it truly means to be Souled out for Christ!

The Rest of "Me"

I have the best parents in the world, Daniel & Jacqueline!!!  They have supported me through the good, bad, and very, very, ugly.  I am nestled between two brothers, Shon & Kwesi, who have always treated me like a princess, the way all brothers treat their sister….yea right!  But they are pretty awesome.  My childhood best friend, Railey, died at the age of 16, when we were in 10th grade.  This is the 10 year anniversary of her death.  That experience shaped my life in so many ways, and I’m forever grateful to her. I have been blessed with wonderful friends who have so positively impacted my life since that time.  I love each of you dearly!!!

We are members of The Life Church of Memphis.  I absolutely love everything about my church.  We are dedicated to serving our community and our world through outreaches, mission trips, you name it, we’ll do it. My family recently got involved with serving in the
community outreaches.  As you can see, we all got involved.  I loved it, the kids loved it, and we felt great doing it!!!  Prayerfully, we will be able to take a family mission trip in a few years!

I attended the University of Alabama.  (ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!) I graduated in 3 years with a BS and MS in Finance.  I moved to Memphis, TN to take a position as a Financial Analyst with International Paper.  I am now an Assistant Controller for Philips Electronics.  Honestly, my ultimate career goal was to be a stay-at-home mom (by choice, not circumstance).  I love being involved in even the smallest part of my children’s lives.  Managing work and home can be challenging, but God is making it work!

I am a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.  I love the ideals and principles she stands for.  I'm doing my best to live it out.  In college, I gained 42 beautiful sisters who never cease to amaze me with the intelligence, wit, ingenuity, and beauty (both inside and out)!

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