~Torrie Chatman

My life's purpose is to provide a safe haven for women that are hurting, equip women with the Word of God, and challenge them to chase after their destiny.  As women, we wear so many hats (mother, daughter, friend, wife, etc.), and sometimes, we put ourselves on the back burner.  My hope for you is that you get a renewed spirit, have a powerful encounter with God, and for any chains that bind you be broken at Beloved.  We are His Beloved daughters.

No Makeup
~Caneeka Stykes Miller

nomakeup [noh-meyk-uhp] adj: 1. Removal of the mask that we hide behind blocking our ability to be ourselves. I'm a Mother, a Wife, a Child Development enthusiast and a Woman after God's own heart. I pray my transparency encourages, uplifts, and inspires. I use Roll Tide as a way to say hello and I believe that WE can end violence against women to save our children!

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