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I am so excited to have you visit with me. For some time, God has been tugging at my heart to share my story with others as inspiration for what he can transform and restore through His Mighty Power and Grace. I am tired of running from God and my severe ailment of chronic procrastination has worn me down, so I decided to sit down and not get up until I got back in line with His Plan for me….and thus “I am more than…” was born!

My site is titled “I am more than…,”because every time I think I have hit rock bottom, God can’t or won’t save me, and I have really messed up big this time, He shows me that through Him, I AM MORE THAN any snare or trick of the enemy. I still consider myself fairly young (although, I’m not sure for how much longer J). In my life, I have had to stand against some large obstacles. Some were involuntary, but most were self-invoked. Even though there was some suffering as I learned very valuable lessons, God never failed me, He never left me, and He never let me fall.

At the age of 15, my best friend Railey, who I had been attached to since we were 6 months old, died unexpectedly from meningitis. God stepped in and showed me I WAS MORE THAN death. He was my comfort, my peace, and my strength. He left me with purpose, drive, and determination to succeed and continue her legacy instead of being paralyzed by grief. (I Thessalonians 4:13-14)

I found myself 16 & pregnant with my now 8-year-old daughter Amaya Railey. God reassured me that I WAS MORE THAN my scarlet belly. Yes, I was a teenage, unwed mother. Yes, I was a fornicator. But, His son died on the cross for my sins, and His forgiveness was mine. He had already blessed me with amazing parents, Daniel & Jacqueline, to step in and do whatever they could to help me and my unborn child succeed. (I John 1:9-2:2)

A year later when my senior year was wrapping up and everyone was preparing for high school graduation and their life to come, God saw me as MORE THAN as statistic. I graduated in the top 10% of my high school class, with 15 college credit hours from AP classes, and full scholarship to the University of Alabama as a National Merit Achievement Scholar. My sin would not deter his plan to give me hope and a future. (Jer. 29:11)

As I piled on 18+ hour course loads per semester in order to get out of school so that I could stop relying on my parents and begin providing for my daughter and myself, God made me MORE THAN average. Through well-placed relationships with attentive and committed professors and staff, God granted me a spot in the University Scholars program that enabled me to graduate in 3 years with a BS and MS in Finance resulting in a great job that led to an even better career. (Deuteronomy 28:13)

After 2 years of abnormal pap smears, God held my hand through the urge to simply “ignore” my physician’s request to come in for a colposcopy and biopsy in hopes that whatever might be wrong would just go away in its own time. God reassured me that I AM MORE THAN disease, and by His stripes I am healed. My samples were benign. (Isaiah 53:5)

Living in a house where it felt like the walls were caving in, my marriage was plagued with distrust, hurt, and overall unhappiness from years of dealing with deceit, infidelity, abuse, and addiction.  I was afraid to walk away, because my mind was beating me up with thoughts of being unworthy and a failure.  All I could think was: "I don't want to be divorced before I even turn 30."  "Who else in the world is going to want me AND three kids?"  " I can't do this by myself." "What are people going to think?"  When God finally showed me the Exit door, He reassured me that I was MORE THAN broken and MORE THAN damaged goods.  As I look back on this journey, God has brought me closer to Him, wrapping my children and me in His Grace and Mercy.  My identity, self-worth, strength, and validation come from Him and Him alone.  (Psalm 139:13-16, 1 Peter 2:9)

I could go on and on, but I’m sure you can see the theme. I had a few unfortunate events in my life (as we all have), and I messed up…A LOT…along the way. I am a sinner. Through my own merit, I would NEVER be able to even clear the dishes from God’s Table. But he doesn’t see me that way. After I accepted Jesus into my life, my only description that matters to God is that I am His Daughter. God has never failed to be the compassionate daddy that He is. He always shows me that I AM MORE THAN my worst sin and my biggest mistake. Satan has no authority to destroy my life, and He continues to step in to save me every single day. As His child, He will do the same for you! (Romans 8:1-4)

Today, God showed me that I AM MORE THAN a bystander. My life will glorify His Name! I pray that you enjoy my site. I pray that my posts provide positive encouragement, faith, and hope! I look forward to sharing this life with you, because WE ARE MORE THAN!!!

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